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    Well this might not be the only reason why but I can assure you that You can fool someone once, but you can’t fool them twice.
    Fabrics that fade and stitches that come apart at the seams after one wash won’t create customers that come back and repurchase.
    Not all clothing is the same, there can be huge variances in the quality of clothing items. The quality and composition of the materials you choose will affect how the clothing wears, how it washes, how it fades, shrinks and ultimately how long it lasts. Quality is paramount to your brand and its success, so it’s important to educate yourself and choose your materials carefully. Choose good quality threads, zips and the right finishing for each type of fabric and style.
    It will always be tempting to sacrifice on quality to make more money but you need to consider how the quality will affect customer’s decisions to share your brand with others and repurchase in the long run.
    Let’s do better,
    Let’s evolve together!

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