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    Do you really know the answer to this question or are you assuming everyone is?

    As designers you must be able to answer this question in a very specific way!
    The answer keeps you focused on doing everything in your business more intentionally.

    As a start up you need to…
    Find your ideal client by researching, talking to people and make sure you find out who they are, how they live, and what their needs are.
    Then make sure your business is providing what they need and not what you think they need…
    Sometimes we get caught up in our great ideas and creations and think all we have to do is produce it without considering the customer base!

    Guide to help you define your customer:

    * Demographics (age, gender, income, profession)
    * Psychographics: How they think! (values, attitudes, belief systems)
    * Lifestyle (geographic location, leisure activities, travel)
    * Buying habits (brand loyalty, price awareness)

    Once you know who your customer is…
    You can focus on them and serve them better!

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