Fashion design is a form expressing art!

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    A fashion designer makes clothing and accessories influenced by a variety of things like trend and culture.

    Through your brand and collections, you have an opportunity to tell stories and invite people and potential clients into your world!
    Take time to define your brand and collections and learn to create, not copy!

    As a designer you should start with RESEARCH!

    Through the design development process, this is simply gathering images,information, and concepts of things that inspire you! This can come from anywhere and every where! Art, movies, history, culture, architecture etc

    How do I use research in a collection?
    Less is more, so edit and organize select ideas of your research and create a moodboard to give you direction. One way to apply them visually is through sketching to the following elements of your designs…

    * Silhouette/Shapes
    * Fabric choices
    * Colour palette
    * Textures
    *. line

    Start here and you’ll soon start to do it mentally with ease…


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